An Avian Discography



Here are links for the checklists that the different versions of my discography are based on:

Clements Checklist

IOC Checklist


Where to buy discs and tapes


Buteo Books



Bird sounds on the internet

Sound Archives

Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Borror Laboratory of Bioacoustics

Florida Museum of Natural History Birds Sound Collection 



xeno-canto   World-wide coverage with recordings of over 10,200 species

AVoCet   World-wide coverage with recordings of over 4600 species

John van der Woude's website   Recordings from Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Malaysia and Thailand


North America

Doug van Gausig's recordings from North America   193 species mainly recorded in Arizona

Flight Calls of Migratory Birds (Eastern North American Landbirds)   211 species

Songs and calls of some New York state birds  Around 110 species recorded by Tony Phillips

Florida Bird Sounds   From the cassette "Sounds of Florida's Birds" by J.W.Hardy (Florida Museum of Natural History)

Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas   Around 180 species recorded in Wisconsin by John Feith

Naturebits   140 species from Eastern North America recorded by David L. Martin

Wind Cave National Park (South Dakota)   Bird list with recordings of 73 species

Patuxent Wildlife Research Center   66 species from around North America (mainly recorded by John R. Sauer)

Arizona Breeding Birds   40 species from Arizona recorded by Greg Clark

Greg Kunkel's birdsongs   33 species from Eastern North America

Birdwatchers Digest   90 species from around North America


Central & South America

Doug van Gausig's recordings from Costa Rica   184 species

Bird songs of Santa Rosa, Costa Rica   23 species by Dan Mennill

Biblioteca de Sonidos Aves de Mexico  Recordings of 83 species

Bird songs of the Yucatan Peninsula   16 species by Dan Mennill

Vivanatura   55 species from Mexico

Bird sounds from Suriname   170 species recorded by Jan Hein Ribot, Otte Ottama and Foek Chin-Joe

WikiAves   Recordings of 1700 Brazilian species 



Suoni & Canti degli uccelli d'Europa   Recordings of 413 European species

Fuglelyder (Bird songs and calls)   300 species from throughout Europe (Norwegian and scientific names)   300 species from throughout Europe, plus a few from the Middle East and SE Asia

Bird songs from Italy   Over 100 species (and spectograms) from southern Tuscany by Marco Dragonetti

Avisoft Bioacosutics  Some 100 species recorded in Germany, Greece & Spain by Raimund Specht

Virtual Birder   110 species recorded in Finland by Ilkka Heiskanen

Swedish bird songs   90 species recorded by Jan Hogberg

Latvian bird sounds   200 species recorded in Latvia, Denmark and Finland



Hong Kong Birdwatching Society   Recordings of 63 species

Bird Sounds of Taiwan by Wayne Hsu   Recordings of 52 species

Naturebits   26 species recorded in Bhutan by David L. Martin

Birding2asia bird sounds   215 species from NE India, the Philippines, Taiwan and S Thailand - recorded by Stijn de Win



Naturebits   9 species recorded in Tanzania by David L. Martin

Bird Sounds of Madeira   (taken from Leo Boon's video guides)



Australian bird photos and sounds   380 species by Graeme Chapman

Bird Songs of the Atherton Tablelands, Queensland   14 species by Dan Mennill

New Zealand Birds Online   360 species, with many recordings from the McPherson Natural History Unit Sound Archive

Kiwi Wildlife Tours NZ Sound Gallery   28 species from New Zealand


Species groups

Owlpages   Deane P Lewis's website devoted to all things Owl - the link is the Sounds page (recordings of 132 species)

Darren Irwin's research on the Greenish Warbler complex has recordings of all taxa involved

Crossbills audiovisual guide   A guide to the different vocal types of crossbill in North America by Jeff Groth


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