An Avian Discography

An Avian Discography - a brief history 

I have been collecting tapes and discs of bird sounds for around 40 years and have built up a collection of over 300 titles. Back in 2001 I launched my old avian discography website (which can still be found on 'The Way Back Machine'), but with a computer crash in 2004 the website went offline. I am (very) slowly working on a new and expanded version, but in the meantime offer this 'slim-line' site as a stop-gap.

The reasons behind the site, though, remain the same as before - to make available where people can find recordings of as many bird species as possible and to acquire new titles through other people's knowledge of this site's existence.

Although the discography is mainly published titles I have also included a selection of websites which supplement the published recordings. There are links to many more websites with bird sounds here.

In this 'slim-line' version there are word files of the discography which can be downloaded from here.

There are two versions of the discography, using slightly differing taxonomies. One follows the IOC list (version 10.2) and the other follows The eBird/Clements Checklist of the Birds of the World (v2019).


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